This course provides an introduction to the basics of self-administered medication monitoring and documentation for providers contracted with the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS).

Course objectives include:

  • A complete review of health and wellness
  • Introduction to common symptoms of illness
  • Medication basics including: purpose of medication; administration of medication, and prevention of medication errors
  • Review of medication side effects
  • Guideline regarding psychotropic medications
  • Provides hands-on experience reading labels and documenting administration of medications

4 hour class / $50

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To maintain quality standards, participants must demonstrate an acceptable level of competency to receive credit for the class. Our trainers measure this through observation, class participation, and examination. There are no refunds for participants who fail to meet required competency standards.

Olivete is not responsible for injuries incurred during training. Some classes, including Prevention and Support and CPR/First Aid involve physical techniques that require students to be in good health and capable of some strenuous activity. Prevention and Support is not recommended for individuals with certain physical conditions which may include, but not limited to knee injuries, back injuries, pregnancy, vertebrae fusion, spinal cord injuries or inability to use any body part normally. Class members participate at their own risk, but our trainers may also remove class members if they are uncomfortable with the perceived risk of injury.